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In this episode, Nick drops golden nuggets on how to test and scale Facebook ads to acquire customers and actionable strategies to increase customer retention.

Nick Theriot

My guest today is specializes in Facebook ads and helping ecommerce brands to grow.

He has generated over $3m in revenue for clients in ecommerce last year, with around $1m in spend.

His agency was recently nominated as one of the top agencies that dominated Q1 of 2021.

Quotes From Episode

“There’s three key ways to grow a business: increase customers, increase customer retention and increase the average order value.” -Nick Theriot

Don’t Miss:

1:00 Intro of Nick Theriot
2:05 How Nick got into entrepreneurship and Facebook ads
7:45 The strange reason why Facebook ads stopped doing well
11:40 The right way to structure, test and scale Facebook ad campaigns
16:10 How Nick generated $3million revenue for women clothing brand
22:00 3 ways to boost customer retention

Connect with Nick Theriot:

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