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“It’s almost like a good song. You may not know the words or the lyrics. You just like the way the song makes you feel.” -Shane Whelan.

In this episode, Shane shares how you can get to know your customers and turn them into raving fans.

Shane Whelan

Shane is a serial entrepreneur and podcast host of Carrying The Fire. He also just released an ebook about how to dominate in competitive markets.

We’re gonna talk about how you can consistently stand out from your competitors and how to create raving fans in your marketplace.

Don’t Miss

1:50 Shane’s entrepreneur journey

5:15 How Shane got over bad reviews

6:50 How to build a customer experience that differentiates yourself from your competitors

8:55 Shane’s process of getting to know your customers

11:35 Systems to convert customers to raving fans

14:20 Embracing your authentic DNA

17:15 Going bigger quicker

18:55 Connect with Shane

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