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In this episode, Asher Ismail shares insights on how to get funding to grow ecommerce brands. And he also shares alternate sources of funding.

Asher Ismail of Uncapped

Asher is the Co-Founder of Uncapped. Uncapped offer an alternative take on capital, helping to provide growing businesses with fast and flexible funding for marketing, inventory or hiring.

He’s a serial entrepreneur and business scaling expert that has raised over $120 million in capital for his companies from angels, VC, crowdfunding, and banks.

Don’t Miss

2:10 Asher’s journey in entrepreneurship

4:35 Why Uncapped focus 80% on funding ecommerce brands

6:10 What are alternative methods of raising funds

8:00 Revenue based finance provider

12:10 What makes investors say “yes”

14:10 How fundraising is like dating

15:20 Real examples of how businesses used funds that was raised to grow their business

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