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In this episode, Steph Hon shares her journey of creating a sustainable product that aims to end single use, travel sized plastics.

Steph Hon of Cadence

Steph Hon is the Founder and CEO of Cadence.

Steph and the team at Cadence is on a mission to end single use, travel sized plastics.

Their first product is the capsule. It’s a sustainable, refillable, protable personal care sysstem to carry your health and wellness products while on the go. You can fill it with vitamins, sunscreen, shampoo, hair gels, or anything else you need when you’re moving from one place to another.

They are also magnetic so they stick stick together and make it easy to bring around with you.

Don’t Miss

2:30 Journey of starting Cadence

3:55 Struggles with designing and manufacturing their first product

6:15 Takeaways from being lead video editor in the documentary space

8:25 What Steph likes most about what she does

10:40 How do you choose who is the right team member to work with you

12:30 How sustainability impacts the way Steph makes decisions in Cadence

14:20 How Cadence attracts their ideal customers

16:50 Best advice that Steph received

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