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In this episode, Maureen Mwangi shares the metrics, strategies and tactics businesses should focus on depending on their lifecycle stage.

Maureen Mwangi of Startward Consulting

Today’s guest is Maureen Mwangi. She is the brand growth strategist behind some of America’s most beloved brands, like L’Oréal, Chobani, Dove, and Lays.

She is the creator of Big Brand Academy, The Product Profit Lab, and Startward Consulting – a consulting firm dedicated to teaching product-based entrepreneurs the sales and marketing strategies you need to scale with scientific precision, so you can turn your product brands into household names.

Maureen’s zone of genius is her rare ability to connect with a market and turn real data into brand growth strategies that drive multi-million dollar growth.

Her non-profit organization Taji Foundation supports boys in Kenya to get the education they need to lift their families out of poverty and build generational wealth.

Don’t Miss

1:30 Maureen’s Entrepreneurial journey

3:30 The number one thing entrepreneurs need to understand before looking at data

5:50 Doing the work that no one wants to do

7:10 Numbers that you need to keep your eyes on

10:25 Main focus for businesses in emerging stage

12:10 Main focus for growth stage

13:40 Systemizing for scaling stage

14:50 Why some businesses don’t reach the scaling stage

17:25 Why impatience can kill dreams

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