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In this episode, I sat down to chat with Bruce Jeffreys. Listen in as he shares his journey of running two successful businesses. One of which is Dresden which turns plastic waste into an affordable pair of glasses.

Bruce Jeffreys of Dresden Vision

Bruce has started two very successful businesses. The first one is GoGet, the first car sharing company in Australia. Bruce started this way back in 2003 when car sharing wasn’t a big thing like it is today.

And the second business is Dresden Vision, an eyewear company. What I found fascinating is they makes glasses from recycled plastics and they are selling it at affordable prices.

There’s so much plastic waste all over the world. And Dresden is turning it into glasses, which is very commonly used.

It was great to hear his story and his vision.

Quotes From Episode

“Life is short and time is limited. Whatever business that you’re working on, make sure that it helps as many people as you can.” -Bruce Jeffreys

Some Questions I Asked:

  • What motivated you to start an eyewear company when you had no experience in the industry?
  • What are some of the takeaways from your first company GoGet that helped you with building Dresden?
  • How many countries are you selling in?
  • What have you found to work best to attract your ideal customers?
  • Do you share your brand mission and vision with your customers and does that help with word of mouth?
  • What is your vision for Dresden Vision?
  • What does your day look like?

Don’t Miss:

2:20 Why Bruce created Dresden
4:20 Environmental aspects
5:15 Takeaways from GoGet
7:40 Going deep vs wide
8:50 Attracting ideal customers
11:55 Using environmental impacts in marketing
13:40 Goal for Dresden in the next 1-2 years time
17:30 Bruce’s day to day
20:30 Finding someone to replace you

21:40 Bruce’s advice to his younger self

Connect With Bruce Jeffreys & Dresden

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