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In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Matt Feldman. Listen in as he shares how he attracted big name investors even though he was a first time founder in the food industry.

Matt Feldman of Moku Foods

Matt Feldman is Co-Founder and CEO at Moku Foods. He’s also named on Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list this year!

Moku Foods uses clean, plant-based ingredients without processed and artificial ingredients and turning them into products that have the taste and texture of meat. One of the products they have now is the mushroom-based jerky.

Moku is backed by the founders of Thrive Market, Casper, Soylent, and Mendocino Farms as well as major firms – Siddhi Capital and Vanterra Capital.

I love what Matt said: “We’re not here just to make jerky. We’re here to encourage everyone to take mindful steps towards a healthier, sustainable future”.

Some Questions I Asked:

  • What made you start Moku Foods?
  • What were some of your takeaways from previous companies you started?
  • How do you find a co-founder that’s aligned with your vision?
  • What do you enjoy the most in your day to day?
  • Why did you go into DTC first instead of retail?
  • Do you see any trends if consumers are becoming more conscious in their purchases?
  • What’s your vision for Moku Foods in the next one to two years time?
  • How were you able to attract investors?

Don’t Miss:

2:30 Why started mushroom jerky company?
5:25 Learnings from previous startups
7:00 Finding a co-founder
8:30 Matt’s day to day activities
11:30 3 things to check if your product is suitable for DTC
12:25 Why DTC first before retail
16:30 Ideal customers
17:40 Vision for Moku Foods in 1-2 years time
19:00 How to get investors
21:00 What investors look for in a company
22:30 Where to buy Moku Foods
23:10 Developing a product for scale from Day 1

Connect With Matt Feldman & Moku Foods

>>> Grab yourself some mushroom jerky at or on Amazon.

You can buy risk-free with Moku’s 100% happiness guarantee or an instant refund.

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