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In this episode, Griffin Spolansky shared how he went from listening to a guest lecturer in a social entrepreneurship class to launching a vegan protein bar.

Griffin Spolansky of Mezcla

At such a young age, Griffin Spolansky is growing his first CPG brand and is already on a great path to success.

Griffin founded Mezcla with a co-founder Coco.

Mezcla is a plant-based, gluten free protein bar.

They work with regional farmers around the world, to bring flavors of the world into a healthy and crunchy snacks. They also allocate a portion of sales to support those communities that harvest the ingredients.

On top of that, Mezcla also funds art programs that support children’s development.

Don’t Miss

2:15 From social entrepreneurship class to launching a vegan protein bar

3:30 Declining a job offer to go into entrepreneurship

4:00 Solving challenges every day

5:00 Sourcing from different parts of the world and giving back to the source

5:55 Supporting art

7:00 Standing out from competition in competitive protein bar market

8:15 Testing to find what the market wants

10:15 Innovating in plant based space

11:10 What is the best advice Griffin has received

13:40 Where to learn more about Mezcla

Learn More About Griffin Spolansky & Mezcla

Visit Amazon or check out to learn about the wide variety of vegan protein bars with flavors from around the world. 
Or use the store map on the website and enter your zip code to locate a store near you.

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