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In this episode, David Morneau shares a strategy on how DTC brands can leverage micro-influencers, which is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies.

David Morneau of inBeat Agency

David is the Co-Founder at inBeat Agency. He helps DTC brands attract new audiences & grow beyond 7-figures through influencers with less than 25K followers. This is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies.

You can leverage these influencers to create images and video content you can use in your marketing, get market insights on new or existing products and also generate more sales for business.

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2:00 How David got into influencer marketing

3:00 Why focus on micro influencers

3:40 How do you know if the influencers’ engagement is good?

4:30 What does working with influencers look like?

5:20 Finding and reaching out to influencers

6:20 Typical price for influencer marketing

7:30 Being clear on the goal of your campaign

9:30 Tracking sales from influencers

10:30 Getting influencers to promote without any cost

12:00 What motivates influencers to say ‘yes’

13:00 Which platform works best for influencer marketing?

14:45 Using influencers to gather market insights

16:55 Follow David on LinkedIn

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