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Worried about getting beat by the competition? In this episode, Trish Thomas shares with me a concept she developed called Product-Market Stick. She teaches this concept at Northwestern University and is also a big part of her business Every Body Eat®.

It’s an honor to be the first show where Trish talks about the Product-Market Stick™.

Trish Thomas of Every Body Eat®

Trish is the co-founder and Chief Eating Officer (CEO) of Every Body Eat®. She is is a serial entrepreneur, problem solver, 4x founder. She sold her first company four years out of college, built the first safe online community for kids, scaled a media company to distribution in 100 countries and 65 languages, consulted some of the biggest companies in the world on content and digital strategy, and currently teaches entrepreneurship at Northwestern University.

After going through health challenges, she uses her entrepreneurial and problem solving skills to start Every Body Eat®. They make clean, delicious snacks that anyone can enjoy and share with the people they love.

Quotes From Episode

“When your product sticks is when your customers, your distributors, and everyone else is starting to do the selling for you. You’ve developed love, loyalty and trust and added value to lives so that people are evangelizing your brand.” -Trish Thomas

Some Questions I Asked:

  • How did you get into entrepreneurship?

  • What do you like most about what you do?

  • What is Product-Market Stick?

  • How do your ideal customers find you?

  • Where do you see your business in 1-2 years time?

  • What’s the best advice you ever received?

Don’t Miss:

2:30 How Trish got into entrepreneurship

4:00 Trish’s first business

6:50 What entrepreneurship really is about

9:30 From Problem-Founder Fit to Product-Market Stick™

13:00 How a problem led to founding Every Body Eat®

17:00 How Trish knows Every Body Eat® have made it

18:00 How do you know when your product is sticky?

19:50 Goal of Every Body Eat®

21:25 Best advice Trish has ever received

23:30 Where to get Every Body Eat® snacks

Grab your Every Body Eat® snacks

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