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In this episode, Trey Carmichael shares the 7 pillars that every business needs to document and systemize.

Trey Carmichael of Local Crown

Trey plays outsourced COO to impact driven entrepreneurs. He’s a partner in an international marketing agency, and founder of the Local Crown and attached companies. 

Trey is an expert when it comes to business systems. Recently his systems have helped two clients collect 30k in 90 days or less plus recurring and have helped many others achieve 6 and 7 figures without it sucking all of their time.

Quotes From Episode

“We are all virtually limitless. We live in a world where we can literally tweet at the president if you wanted to.” -Trey Carmichael

Don’t Miss:

1:00 Intro of who is Trey Carmichael
2:00 Story of how Trey started his journey in business
4:00 Trey’s “I am” statement and core values
5:20 How Trey started systemizing and documenting processes
7:30 Every business has the same 7 foundational pillars
9:00 Common things business owners and entrepreneurs forget
11:40 How to start an SOP when you’re feeling overwhelmed
14:40 Which 4 of the 7 pillars are more important?
17:45 When something doesn’t work, is it the SOP or the person?
22:00 Trey’s vision of owning entrepreneur media

Resources mentioned in the episode:

Nathan Hirsch from Outsource School – Learn more about outsourcing and hiring virtual assistants

Connect with Trey Carmichael:


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