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In this episode, Shai Eisenman shared her journey from doing a year long market research to develop a skincare brand specially created for young skin.

Shai Eisenman of Bubble Skincare

Shai is the founder and CEO of Bubble Skincare.

Bubble is the first skincare brand created for young skin. Today the Bubble line consists of seven products that work together to create a complete routine from face cleansers to face masks. And what I love is Bubble is supporting different organizations around teen mental health.

Before Bubble, Shai began her career in business at 16 years old. She has worked in business development for high-tech security start-up Bullet Plate and then in, a company in the AdTech world. Then at 21, she moved to Playtech, the world’s largest online gaming software supplier traded on the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market. Where she was the CEO of a B2C subsidiary of over ~90 employees.

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2:30 What motivated Shai to start a skincare brand

3:30 Takeaways from previous experiences that helped grow Bubble

4:45 Market research process

6:00 Talking to consumers

6:45 What Shai loves about what she does

7:55 Getting into Walmart

9:45 Unique approach to retail and DTC

11:30 Having an education platform to educate the customers

14:45 Vision for the next 1-2 years time

16:10 Best advice Shai has ever received

17:40 Handling rejections

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