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In this episode, Sean Busch shares how Puracy innovates in the cleaning and personal care industry to make effective and safe products to use around children and pets.

Sean Busch of Puracy

Sean is the co-founder and CEO of Puracy.

Puracy has won many awards and have been featured in the press numerous times.

They provide cleaning and personal care products that are effective and without any of the bad stuff. So they’re good for you and safe for use around children and pets.

And they’re good for the environment too.

Puracy is also making strides in reducing their impact on the environment. For example using biodegradable formulas, refill pouches, reusable glass bottles and many others.

It took a while for us to schedule and get this episode recorded. I’m glad we finally made it happen and it was worth the wait. Make sure to listen to the episode.

Don’t Miss

2:40 How Puracy started

5:10 The weird way Sean made sure product is safe

9:00 Education to attract ideal customers

10:00 Using customer base as an R&D machine

13:00 How to get customer feedback and reviews

15:35 Growing by putting the right people in the right place

18:10 Optimizing product pricing and sizing

21:15 What Puracy will do with a much larger budget and resources

24:25 Where to learn more about Puracy and buy their products

25:20 Taking additional steps to create loyal fans

Check out Puracy

Visit to learn more about their catalog of products, ingredients and what natural means to them and buy their product.

Or you can purchase from Amazon or select Target stores nationwide.

Make sure to try out the laundry stain remover.

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