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In this episode, Kiril Kirilov shares how to close the gap in customer experience between purchase to unboxing.

Kiril Kirilov of Rush

Kiril Kirilov spent several years running his own ecommerce drop-shipping store and also founded one of the fastest-growing supplements brands in Bulgaria called Proof Nutrition.

Now, Kiril is the CEO & Co-Founder of Rush. It’s a Shopify app that helps 1000+ Shopify store owners increase AOV by up to 25% without ad spend and increase repeat purchase rate on autopilot.

Rush automates the shipment tracking process on all fronts so you never have to worry about losing customers again.

Don’t Miss

2:30 Kiril’s story of going into entrepreneurship

5:40 Idea of creating a software

8:00 How to monetize your order tracking page

14:30 Following up with your customers to get testimonials

17:20 Closing the gaps to reduce disputes and chargebacks

19:20 How customers know that you have a tracking page

22:50 Who is the Rush app ideal for?

25:40 Where to get the Rush app

Learn More About Rush & Kiril Kirilov

Visit to start giving your customer peace of mind, reduce customer support enquiries and earn more sales.

Get in touch with Kiril Kirilov at to get an extended free trial

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