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According to Shopify, the average cart abandonment rate is 77.13%. That means 3/4 of these shoppers came so close to purchasing on your site but didn’t follow through. In this episode, Kevin Browne and I talk about how to recover these lost revenue to get you “found” money.

Kevin Browne

Kevin is an award-winning Los Angeles & Madison Ave copywriter. He worked in the biggest ad agencies for over 2 decades, writing hundreds of commercials and thousands of print ads for big brands like Coca Cola, American Red Cross, Sprint, Kodak and many others.

Over the last 5 years, his messaging sequences have generated over $56 million dollars for his partners and clients.

Quotes From Episode

“No one wants to be sold to and people despise marketing.” -Kevin Browne

Some Questions I Asked:

  • What was it like working in the large ad agencies?

  • What are some of the fun ads that you worked on?

  • How did you stand out in a cutthroat industry?

  • What are some takeaways from your experience that applies to the e-commerce space?

  • What are some tips to increase conversion on cart abandon messages?

Don’t Miss:

02:00 Kevin’s story of how he got into advertising career

03:30 Stories of people stealing advertising ideas

05:45 Writing ads for a Superbowl slot

09:40 Biggest problem e-commerce stores make with their messaging

15:00 How to get better conversions on cart abandon sequence?

21:00 One single word Kevin added between two paragraphs that generated 24 clients for a law firm

25:50 Building relationship and trust in the cart abandon sequence

Connect with Kevin:

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