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“If you ever do the same task twice, you need to think real hard about why,” shares Jarrod Haning.

Do you know someone who is really good and have passion about what they do but their start up always struggle. And then there is another type of people that almost always succeed wildly with their start up, almost seemingly overnight.

In this episode, Jarrod explains the difference in thinking patterns.

Jarrod Haning – Author of the Upcoming Book Thinking Patterns of Success

You know when you’re in the corn maze and you’re not sure if you should go left or right?

But, what happens when you step on a ladder, suddenly the maze is no longer a mystery. You know exactly where to go.

My guest today, Jarrod Haning, does exactly that for business owners.

He teaches them how to think at a higher level so they are able to see the whole picture and suddenly… the obstacles that were blocking their growth no longer exist.

You see, Everything he teaches comes down to this one thing:
“a breakthrough in your business will first happen as a breakthrough in your thinking”

Jarrod is an award winning speaker, has been featured on ABC Nightline, spoken on stages all across the country, including TEDx talks on Mindset Performance, and also works with clients all across the world.

He specializes in a Nobel Nominated process that teaches you how to think at a higher level and allows you to access different parts of your brain on demand.

Most of his clients go on to double their income by purposely working half as many hours.

For fun, you’ll find him flying, skydiving, or mountain bike riding. But his most prized accomplishment was winning the World Tickle Championship in the 5- year old category.

Don’t Miss

3:00 Accessing different parts of the brain from Jarrod’s music experience

4:35 Why the LESS you work the MORE you make

8:30 How to start delegating without spending a fortune

12:20 Common types of thinking patterns

15:10 The thinking patterns of someone who owns multiple businesses but doesn’t work multiple full time jobs

18:15 The fastest way to change the way of thinking

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