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In this episode, Danielle LaBriola joins the show to share how she’s helping parents and teachers to develop positive traits in kids. 

Danielle LaBriola of Crafting Character

Danielle is the creator of Crafting Character.

Crafting Character has been featured in Authority Magazine, mind body green, the List and many others.

Crafting Character is a system of books and toys to help kids develop good characters like being kind, grateful, empathy, charitable, taking care of the environment.

I started this podcast to feature socially and eco conscious mission driven businesses. And it’s awesome that Crafting Character is teaching kids become socially and environmentally conscious from a young age.

Quotes From Episode

“Always make sure you’re giving more value than what you’re taking in.” -Danielle LaBriola

Some Questions I Asked:

  • What’s the story behind Crafting Character?

  • What are the roles of your twin children in the business?

  • What have you found to work best for marketing and sales?

  • Where do you see Crafting Character in 1 to 2 years time?

  • What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t Miss:

2:00 The secret sauce why Crafting Character works in helping kids create habits

4:00 Story why Danielle developed Crafting Character

6:30 How her twins are helping in the business

8:40 The 5 traits that Crafting Character helps with

12:50 Successes in getting in the media and influencer marketing

16:00 Future plans

18:45 Best advice ever received

21:00 Research behind creating habits

24:10 How long it takes to create habits in kids

25:10 Where to find out more info or buy the systems

Check out Crafting Character

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