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In this episode, Shai Eisenman shared her journey from doing a year long market research to develop a skincare brand specially created for young skin.

Dan McGaw

Dan is an award-winning entrepreneur and speaker. He is also the Founder and CEO of, an analytics and marketing technology consultancy. Coined as one of the original growth hackers, he has led the teams at,, and more.

He knows what needs to be done to grow a business and how to manage a team to get it done quickly. Using a data-driven approach, Dan is able to build and oversee new marketing programs that can create sustainable growth.

Don’t Miss

2:20 How Dan McGaw got into marketing technology space

4:15 Tools you can use to create Amazon-like automations without a large budget

6:50 Real example of company using automation to customize the customer journey

11:20 Process of optimizing campaigns

14:40 What are the trends in the marketing technology space

19:15 How to use customer stories to increase funnel conversion

26:00 Getting video testimonials

Resources mentioned

Autopilot – AI to get the right products to the right customers. Tell them that Dan McGaw sent you
Jarvis – artificial intelligence copywriting tool
VICE Framework – A/B testing framework
Gather Voices – Tool to help you gather customer testimonials

Connect with Dan McGaw

Follow Dan on LinkedIn where he’s most active
Visit Dan’s website at He’s giving away his book Build Cool Sh*t for free this year. Look for the link at the top of the page.

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