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In this episode, Cynthia Plotch shared how she created a physical product and digital education that started from her personal horrifying experience.

Cynthia Plotch of Stix

Cynthia is the co-founder of Stix and was recently named one of Inc’s 100 Female Founders of 2021.

She met her business partner, Jamie Norwood, while they were on the founding team at Hungry Harvest.

They instantly clicked and bonded over the taboos and awkwardness of women’s health and co-founded Stix to create a convenient, discreet, and judgment-free way to get the health products.

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2:10 Cynthia’s horrifying experience that led to founding Stix

4:25 The power of testing and being customer-obsessed

6:15 Education and authenticity to attract ideal customers

8:05 Building both digital and physical side of business

9:00 What Cynthia loves about what she does

10:05 What Cynthia looks for in a founding team member

11:40 How Cynthia launched Stix as a side hustle while working a full time job

12:45 Best advice Cynthia has ever received

15:00 Interesting insights from sex ed survey

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