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Have you noticed how some people make you tick but some make you ticked off? In this episode, Carol Dysart and I talk about the 4 people styles and how the 4 styles work together for a business to thrive. Stay tuned as Carol shared the story of how a company nearly lost $8 million.

Carol Dysart of PeopleSmart World

She is a highly sought after consultant for CEOs, business leaders and managers. Over the past 40 years, she has trained and taught people how to interpret a person’s behavior style.

Quotes From Episode

“Business is relationships. Without a relationship, you don’t have a sale. You don’t have a team. You don’t have partners. You don’t have co-workers. You are stuck if you don’t know and understand people. And that has to start with yourself.” -Carol Dysart

Don’t Miss:

3:00 Overview of DISC behavior style
5:30 From school teacher to DISC Master
7:35 Why DISC and not other profiles like Myer Briggs
11:50 Are you locked in to your personality style?
15:50 How A Company Nearly Lost $8 million
22:55 What does PeopleSmart mean?

Connect with Carol Dysart:

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