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“Marketers should work for the benefit of the consumer. Because whatever is in the benefit of the consumer is in the benefit of the ecommerce brand ultimately,” shares Aleana Kali.

Aleana Kali of Brands Are Alive

Aleana started her first ecommerce business in 2004 at just 17 years old. And since then she’s built a few more.

Then she went into marketing. where she served as Lead strategist at an New York City based retention agency working with 7 & 8 figure ecommerce brands and contributed to the E-commerce academy at Conversio which is now known as CM-Commerce.

Today, she consults for ecommerce brands and have helped generate over 100 million US dollars in additional revenue without increasing their marketing budget.

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2:15 Starting in e-commerce at 17 years old
5:40 What it means by “brands are alive”
11:45 Establishing the values of your business
14:00 Treating your brand like a living entity
16:00 Receive compliments from customers about their marketing campaigns saying they’re looking forward to receive them
18:10 Working for the benefit of the consumer
22:30 Community of purpose driven brands
25:00 Connecting with Aleana
25:40 Create meaning in your business for exponential results

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